Pedigrees & Lineages

“Back to Charlemagne, back to God”

The Dixons of Meath boast a pedigree which through one pedigree, can claim an unbroken lineage to Charlemagne himself.

Recently, the Dixons of Meath unearthed a lineage which shows descent from Henry II, King of England and his wife, the infamous Eleanor of Aquitaine. This lineage is posted seperately in this section and shows how the family are connected to the ill-fated Richard III of England.

Through this line the Dixons can claim direct descent from the royal houses of Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.

Other noteable figures which can be found in the Dixon ancestoral treasure chest include Egidea de Lacey, Rollo, Duke of Normandy, the Barons of Galtrim and the 7th Earl of Fingal and the 2nd Baron Louth who provides the family with their relationship to Sir Winston Churchill.

Other noteables include The Rt. Hon. Francis Agard, sent to Ireland by King Henry VIII and buried at Christchurch Cathedral and Sir Hugh Hussey, sent to Ireland by King Henry II. It is the Hussey family who claim descent from Rollo, Duke of Normandy.